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    Niner Blog

    Damian Groves 2019 RIP 9 RDO Bike Check

    One of the best days for any mountain biker is new bike day. This one was no exception for me. Not only a new bike but a reiteration of a bike I already loved. So much so, I was a bit nervous it wasn’t going to live up to the one I was already riding. Read on to see if the RIP 9 RDO lived up to his expectations.

    Rebecca Rusch Completes the 1041 Mile Arkansas High Country Route

    Rebecca Rusch has just completed the outer loop of the Arkansas High Country Trail, a new 1041-mile bike trail across the state. Rusch is the first cyclist to ever ride the entire trail straight-through, doing so in a time of 8 days, 3 hours and 33 minutes. Check out the stats for the ride below.

    Magnificent Moab Trail Beta

    Situated about 16 miles west of Moab, UT, is an alternate way to access the Magnificent 7 trail network - Long Canyon. Tucked along the Colorado River and past the famous Wall Street climbing area, Long Canyon provides an alternate way for any endurance rider to access some of the best trails in Moab, UT.

    Loamwolf RIP 9 RDO Bike Giveaway

    Custom painted bikes are always fun to ogle over. But what if instead of just wishing your bike looked like the outlandish one you've been staring at on your screen for the past five minutes, you could actually OWN it? Now's your chance. You could win the Loamwolf "Rusty Trombone" RIP 9 RDO.