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    Niner Blog

    Support trails and bid to win a custom IMBA RIP 9 RDO

    We have a history of creating one of a kind, custom painted bikes for riders who share our staunch support of IMBA. By auction or raffle, we make these bikes available for riders who aren't afraid to go big with putting their hard-earned dollars to a great cause. We've donated 3 of these custom RIP 9 RDO frames to IMBA for our latest fundraising auction effort.

    Custom Camo RIP 9 RDO

    We at Niner love a custom paint job on our favorite bikes. But this intricately camouflage painted bike isn't actually coated in paint. It's coated with a unique thin-film coating called Cerakote.

    Ride all day with Niner athlete Anton Karlsson

    Niner ambassador Anton Karlsson shows us an average day in the life of a full time bike mechanic slash enduro racing athlete. Filmed in July on a nice summer day in his hometown, a.k.a. the bike capital of Sweden; Falun.

    Secret Trails in Bavaria with Niner Trail Team Germany

    We at NTTG are based in the Allgäu Alps, Germany, and we specialise in riding steep, natural mountain terrain. Our adventures aren’t about trying to prove something, rather they are about having awesome experiences together - being in nature, the people we encounter and the many happy hours riding together.

    Overland Mountain Bike Association JET 9 RDO Raffle

    In partnership with Niner Bikes, Overland Mountain Bike Association (OMBA), Northern Colorado’s largest mountain bike advocacy organization, is raffling a new JET 9 RDO from now until November 10, 2019, as a fundraising initiative to support trail access.