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    Niner Blog

    Committed to Dirt

    Commitment means being loyal to a cause deemed worthy enough to dedicate time and energy to. Riding and being outdoors isn’t just a hobby we dabble in when we’ve got extra time.

    RIP 9 RDO Demo Review

    As a company, we put a big emphasis on demo events, not just because they are a great way to try a bike before you ride it, but because we love getting to know who's out there riding our bikes.

    Time Away From the Bike

    Bears do it, so do European hedgehogs. And few, until recently, knew that the fat-tailed dwarf lemurs of Madagascar do it, too. I’m talking about hibernation. Or for cyclists, off season.

    Last Call for Summer

    With the warm weather winding down, sometimes you just have to play hooky when you get a summer day in early Fall.