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    Niner Blog — Amanda Nauman

    #Ride2Mammoth: Amanda Nauman Preps for Dirty Kanza

    Watch the story of Amanda "Panda" Nauman's ride that started at the Pacific ocean, in the sand, wound its way through the desert and finally into the mountains and the snow. To meet and follow Niner's other four riders on their Road to Kanza, go HERE.

    The Road to Kanza: Up Close with Amanda's Performance Machine

    There's a lot that goes into both bike fit and component selection when you spend as much time on a bike as Amanda "Panda" Nauman does each season, especially during the Dirty Kanza (13 hours) where she will seek to defend her title for the 3rd time. Here's a closer...

    #Ride2Mammoth, Day 3: Amanda, the Team and a Large Mammal

    Day 3 of the #Ride2Mammoth took the team up the highway, off onto some scenic gravel and up to the resort and snow. Here's the final recap of the story in video, pictures and words.(If you missed Day 1 or 2, here are the recaps: DAY 1, DAY 2)

    #Ride2Mammoth, Day 2: Amanda and the Team Face Heat in the High Desert

    Day 2 of the #Ride2Mammoth found Amanda and her SDG Factory Teammates facing long, straight highways, high heat and relentless sunshine. Here's the story in video, pictures and words: (If you missed Day 1, here's the recap.)     In Amanda's Words: Day 2 of the #Ride2Mammoth was a...

    The Road to Kanza: Through the Eyes of Amanda Nauman, Two Time Champion Coming out of college where she competed as a NCAA swimmer, Amanda "Panda" Nauman knew she needed something to keep active and keep her competitive edge. She was drawn to cycling. After having spent years in the pool, cycling was something different and, she realized she enjoyed it. She...