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    Niner Blog — bikepacking

    Get Lost Together

    As cyclists, we endeavor to experience new places, new landscapes, and new challenges.

    Niner Sleep Away Camp

    I've struggled with and questioned the ups and downs that go along with the industry, wondering if the ups are worth the downs, and wouldn't it be so much better to get a rigid high paying office job and buy a massive house in suburbia?

    Bikepacking in Baja: How to tips from a recent journey

    Ride, eat, sleep, repeat. Life is simple when traveling by bike. You carry everything you need and find everything else along the way. At least, that's what we did while bikepacking in Baja a short time ago. I recently returned from riding the Baja Divide Cape Loop, a 400+ mile...

    Bikepacking the Swiss Alps? A look at Nam's Preparation

    Switzerland by bike? Sounds heavenly to Tenzim (Nam) Namdol one of this year's smiliest Blackburn Rangers. Here's a little behind the scenes from Nam about her bikepacking preparation. (Oh, and we also snuck in her application video about why she wants to ride Switzerland and her connection there.) Pre-Ride Test...

    Fully Loaded: The Blackburn Rangers Ride On

    The Blackburn Rangers program began its fourth season last spring. With names like Christian and Ivan, Brian and Courtney and Katie and Laura, this season's Blackburn Rangers headed out for some serious time away. Their adventures would take them across the country, over mountains, along oceans, through deserts and everywhere...