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    Niner Blog — gravel bike racing

    Yuri Hauswald RLT 9 RDO bike check

    Niner rider and Wattie Ink athlete ambassador Yuri Hauswald has a small fleet of Niners to choose from, but his go-to rig for racing and daily rides is our RLT 9 RDO frame and fork, in size 56cm. 

    The land of fire and ice and gravel: The Rift

    It’s not called the land of Fire and Ice without good reason. Iceland sits on a mid-oceanic ridge between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates and lies above a mantle plume. What Yuri is saying is, this place is wild and rugged and perfect for the RLT 9 RDO.

    Redland's Strada Rossa VI Recap

    By: Matt Freeman of SDG-Muscle Monster Held annually in March, Redlands Strada Rossa (RSR) is a mixed surface event (a.k.a. Gravel) and the brainchild of the tight-knit cycling community of Redlands, California. In the bicycle world, Redlands is best known for its long-running Redlands Bicycle Classic Stage Race, but when...

    Road to Kanza: Rebecca Rusch talks about mental preparation

    Rebecca Rusch, three time winner of the Dirty Kanza, returns this year to compete in the 100 mile race. Here she talks about the importance of breaking down the race into pieces so it's easier to wrap your head around. Rebecca offers additional tips on: Vibration and fatique during a...

    Road to Kanza: Rebecca Rusch talks about vibration and fatique

    Rebecca Rusch is headed back to Dirty Kanza to compete, this time in the DK100. Here are more tips on the vibration a rider will experience during long gravel rides. Rebecca offers additional tips on: Nutrition for long endurance rides Mental preparation: Breaking the ride into pieces Rebecca Rusch's...