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    Niner Blog — gravel bikes

    Why ride a single speed bike? Because, FUN!

    With three new single speed bike builds in the Niner range this year, a lot of riders are probably asking, “why ride a single speed bike?” Indeed, we even ask ourselves what on earth is so awesome and so relevant about a bike with just one gear.  Isn’t riding a single speed bike really difficult? And if you somehow manage to make it easier, don’t you end up making it skull-crushingly slow? 

    The answer to both of those questions is YES, most definitely! 

    Yuri Hauswald RLT 9 RDO bike check

    Niner rider and Wattie Ink athlete ambassador Yuri Hauswald has a small fleet of Niners to choose from, but his go-to rig for racing and daily rides is our RLT 9 RDO frame and fork, in size 56cm. 

    Ghost Towns and Gravel, Ep. 2: Manhattan

    The Legend of Charles Breyfogle continues as Yuri and his intrepid riding partners Bridgette and Tony pedal onward to Manhattan. This is their quest for gravel road gold and a journey into gold mining history.

    The land of fire and ice and gravel: The Rift

    It’s not called the land of Fire and Ice without good reason. Iceland sits on a mid-oceanic ridge between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates and lies above a mantle plume. What Yuri is saying is, this place is wild and rugged and perfect for the RLT 9 RDO.

    Time Away From the Bike

    Bears do it, so do European hedgehogs. And few, until recently, knew that the fat-tailed dwarf lemurs of Madagascar do it, too. I’m talking about hibernation. Or for cyclists, off season.