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    Niner Blog — kirt voreis

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    Mountain Bike Skills with Kirt Voreis

    In Kirt's full video, Mining for Skills, we see him teach his friend Doug, how to ride better. In this series of short videos, Kirt Voreis, breaks down the basic mountain bike skills that he taught Doug. If you follow his instruction, and practice these skills, you can become a...

    Behind the 9: A different side to Kirt Voreis

    We all know Kirt Voreis for his biking prowess. He's ridden his bike all over the world and has become an incredible ambassador of the sport. But, did you know there's a different side to Kirt Voreis? A creative side? Prior to a recent video shoot, Kirt sat down at...

    Behind the 9: Career questions with Kirt Voreis

    Kirt Voreis started mountain biking in 1994. We were curious about what has kept him in the game so long so we asked him a few career questions. He obliged us with a few answers. NINER: You‘ve been doing this whole bike thing a long time. Why do you think...