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    Niner Blog — Menso de Jong

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    The Road to Kanza: Check out Menso's Bike

    So, when you have 200 miles of gravel ahead of you, what do you ride? Here's a look at how Menso de Jong sets up his carbon Niner RLT 9 RDO for the long haul. (We doubt the sparrow is going to make the trip, but hey, it does have...

    ROAD TO KANZA: MENSO DE JONG, FROM SINGLETRACK RACING TO GRAVEL No stranger to grinding it out in the saddle for hours on end, Menso de Jong, a member of Team Clif Bar Mountain Biking and Cyclocross, talks about getting ready on his Road to Kanza. Watch the short video and read about a ride he once did with 14k...

    What Do Bikes and Pipe Wrenches Have in Common?

    As it turns out, maybe not a lot. If you‘re taking a pipe wrench to your bike, it‘s probably out of anger and your bike might end up as a junk heap or at a minimum, scarred, very scarred. But, if you‘ve ridden your bike somewhere in the realm of...