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    Niner Blog — Moab

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    Why ride a single speed bike? Because, FUN!

    With three new single speed bike builds in the Niner range this year, a lot of riders are probably asking, “why ride a single speed bike?” Indeed, we even ask ourselves what on earth is so awesome and so relevant about a bike with just one gear.  Isn’t riding a single speed bike really difficult? And if you somehow manage to make it easier, don’t you end up making it skull-crushingly slow? 

    The answer to both of those questions is YES, most definitely! 

    Magnificent Moab Trail Beta

    Situated about 16 miles west of Moab, UT, is an alternate way to access the Magnificent 7 trail network - Long Canyon. Tucked along the Colorado River and past the famous Wall Street climbing area, Long Canyon provides an alternate way for any endurance rider to access some of the best trails in Moab, UT.