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    Niner Blog — Pedal Damn It

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    Why ride a single speed bike? Because, FUN!

    With three new single speed bike builds in the Niner range this year, a lot of riders are probably asking, “why ride a single speed bike?” Indeed, we even ask ourselves what on earth is so awesome and so relevant about a bike with just one gear.  Isn’t riding a single speed bike really difficult? And if you somehow manage to make it easier, don’t you end up making it skull-crushingly slow? 

    The answer to both of those questions is YES, most definitely! 

    Behind the 9: Pedal Damn It! It's always been a Niner thing.

    Pedal Damn It. A simple phrase for a simple bike. Back in its fledgling stage, Chris Sugai, one of Niner‘s founders, had six or maybe seven different bikes and each one was a singlespeed. A self-professed bike geek, and a wee bit younger at the time, Sugai enjoyed the simplicity...