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    Niner Blog — #roadtokanza

    The Road to Kanza: A look at the Queen of Pain's bike

    When you win big races, like, say, the Leadville 100 or the Dirty Kanza 200 or....well, you get the idea. When you put as much time in the saddle as Rebecca Rusch does, and you're one of the most successful endurance riders, ever, you get to know your bike well,...

    The Road to Kanza: Kristin Taylor's Gravel Rig

    There's no doubt that this is one of Kristin Taylor's biggest cycling events, ever. As one of Niner's featured athletes in the Road to Kanza sereis, she's worked hard to prepare. Other than putting in a lot of miles on the bike, she's worked with a bike fitter, solved some...

    #Ride2Mammoth: Amanda Nauman Preps for Dirty Kanza

    Watch the story of Amanda "Panda" Nauman's ride that started at the Pacific ocean, in the sand, wound its way through the desert and finally into the mountains and the snow. To meet and follow Niner's other four riders on their Road to Kanza, go HERE.

    The Road to Kanza: Up Close with Amanda's Performance Machine

    There's a lot that goes into both bike fit and component selection when you spend as much time on a bike as Amanda "Panda" Nauman does each season, especially during the Dirty Kanza (13 hours) where she will seek to defend her title for the 3rd time. Here's a closer...

    The Road to Kanza: Check out Menso's Bike

    So, when you have 200 miles of gravel ahead of you, what do you ride? Here's a look at how Menso de Jong sets up his carbon Niner RLT 9 RDO for the long haul. (We doubt the sparrow is going to make the trip, but hey, it does have...

    ROAD TO KANZA: MENSO DE JONG, FROM SINGLETRACK RACING TO GRAVEL No stranger to grinding it out in the saddle for hours on end, Menso de Jong, a member of Team Clif Bar Mountain Biking and Cyclocross, talks about getting ready on his Road to Kanza. Watch the short video and read about a ride he once did with 14k...