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    Niner Blog

    How to GRAVEL, with Niner rider Yuri Hauswald

    With the surging popularity of gravel bike riding these days, we're consulting our Niner Bikes sponsored gravel riders to answer some of the best gravel bike questions. One question that came up recently is in regard to sartorial choices when pedaling off pavement. Gravel racing legend Yuri Hauswald joins us today for a bit of banter about gravel apparel fashions.

    Meet our April "Fan Builds" Winner: Congratulations, Rob!

    Congratulations to April Fan Builds winner Rob Benowicz who sent us his sweet, highly customized SIR 9. It's a beauty with multiple, matched hits of the signature Niner orange highlight color. It's perfect for everything from a multi-week bikepacking adventure or just a kid-friendly cruise around the block.

    Athlete Q & A with Dylan Johnson: What makes a gravel bike a gravel bike?

    Are you a mountain or road biker who is thinking of getting into gravel riding? A common question we are often asked is, “What makes a gravel bike so different from a road or XC mountain bike?” Well, to answer that question for you, we invited Niner athlete Dylan Johnson to enlighten us with some expertise on the topic.

    Gravel Cycling Q&A with Amanda “Panda” Nauman

    Do you have questions about gravel riding? Well we've got answers! Or rather, Amanda "Panda" Nauman does. From the how and why of gravel bikes, to what makes a gravel bike better than a road bike, she's diving deep into the dusty realm of gravel to help you have fun.