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    Niner Blog

    What's in a name? How'd the Catfish get Angry?

    If you haven't visited the Angry Catfish Bicycle and Coffee Shop in Minneapolis, Minnesota, you're missing out. Whether you live in the area or are just passing through, make it a point to stop in. We recently had a moment to sit down with Parker, the store manager, to get...

    What's In a Linkage? Putting Niner's CVA to the Test

    When Niner decided to overhaul its trail bikes, we took a look at everything including our patented suspension linkage, Constant Varying Arc (CVA). We wanted to make sure that the changes we made on the new JET and RIP improved the performance of the bikes. To do this we enlisted...

    Make your own Race Day Challenge

    It's fair to say that most people who take up an activity like bike riding will probably never show up on any given weekend and enter a race. This shouldn't seem so strange really given that team sports seem to capture a lot more attention than cycling events, and kids...

    Fully Loaded: The Blackburn Rangers Ride On

    The Blackburn Rangers program began its fourth season last spring. With names like Christian and Ivan, Brian and Courtney and Katie and Laura, this season's Blackburn Rangers headed out for some serious time away. Their adventures would take them across the country, over mountains, along oceans, through deserts and everywhere...