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    Introducing the WILD TRAVERSE digital magazine: ISSUE 01

    At Niner, we're all about spending time outdoors on our bikes, riding dirt, and sharing the stoke with our friends. But more often than not, our adventures include a dose of camping, maybe some trail running, kayaking, climbing, fishing, and more. Riding bikes is just one element of our multidimensional fun-iverse.

    With that in mind, we linked up with partners such as Kokopelli Packrafts and Topo Designs, among others, to bring you this inaugural issue of WILD TRAVERSE. It's a digital magazine full of stories made to inspire. 

    Have you ever felt the call to chart your own adventure? Are you curious about far off places? In this premier issue of WILD TRAVERSE, follow our adventurers packrafting in Iceland, navigating rivers in South Africa, tackling the rivers in Slovenia, and biking in destinations around the United States.

    We recommend checking it out in Full Screen Mode.


    WILD TRAVERSE is a collaboration between Kokopelli, Niner, Grayl, Pelican, Topo Designs, and Chaco.