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    Really want to work at Niner? Great! We are always looking for passionate individuals to add to our team, and the first, most important qualification is your desire to work with us.

    Niner Bikes is always open to thoughtful letters, well-edited resumes and ideas about how you could be the next great addition to our team. Go ahead, design your dream job, let us know what/how you can contribute to The Big Revolution and email everything to, preferably in PDF format. We will read everything we get, but we may not be able to respond to every email. If you are a good candidate for an interview, we will let you know, and even if we don't have a position available, we will certainly keep your info for when we do.

    We offer a great working environment where the entire team is dedicated to making, servicing bicycles. Oh and the standard stuff like good pay, health insurance, a pool of mountain bikes to ride and a bunch of other mountain bikers to ride with!


    No jobs at this time, but for spontaneous application you can always send information to